The Missing Life Blood of Bangladesh

13 Aug 2015

The difficulties of effective delivery of emergency health services in Bangladesh can be considered one of the focuses of development organizations. Ensuring that citizens receive all the support they require in emergency situations is an issue that development organizations must address in order to build inclusive resilience. Services, like timely delivery to hospitals, trained doctors and enough medical supplies are all constantly in high-demand for citizens of Bangladesh.  Bangladesh has been working tirelessly to supply constant emergency services to over 166 million people. The responsibility that the health sector is burdened with is not to be underestimated. In dealing with the lives of 166 million people it is acknowledged that even to provide basic services with the current infrastructure of Bangladesh is difficult.  In rural areas, due to constant flooding, the roads get washed away on a regular basis, making it very difficult for Ambulances to move around. In addition, the hospitals are usually ill equipped to deal with medical emergencies. Even though Bangladesh has renowned quality of their medical certification, there is a distinct lack of incentives for doctors to work in rural areas, as they can easily find more financially lucrative jobs elsewhere.  In the major cities, issues relating … Read more

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