MDGs Needs Assessment & Costing 2009-2015

01 Jul 2009

Bangladesh's effort towards attainment of the
MDGs has thus far been encouraging. It has made
good progress in achieving targets, especially
those under MDG1 (halving the proportion of
population living below poverty line); MDG2 (Net
enrollment rate in primary education); MDG7
(sustainable access to safe drinking water and
sanitation); and MDG4 (reducing child mortality). It
also already achieved some Targets under MDG3
(Gender parity in primary and secondary schooling)
by 2005. But Bangladesh faces challenges in many
areas, especially in MDGs 4, 5 and 6 (on health).
Although it has shown good progress in some of
the Targets, sustaining the achievements of the
recent past, while giving additional attention to
those Targets lagging behind, is a challenge.

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