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Poverty Reduction

  • The Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction Project (UPPR) works with communities in poor urban settlements across Bangladesh to improve livelihoods and living conditions. Working in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh and UN Habitat, UNDP believes that these communities are best placed to identify their main priorities.

  • At the Dhaka Social Protection Conference in late 2011, the Government of Bangladesh announced the preparation of a National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS).

Democratic Governance

  • The Strengthening Election Management in Bangladesh (SEMB) project is a five-year project being implemented jointly with the Election Commission of Bangladesh (ECB).

  • The Judicial Strengthening project, known as JUST, aims to improve access to justice, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. JUST supports the Government of Bangladesh in implementing key changes to ensure rapid treatment of the cases brought to justice and creating friendlier spaces for justice seekers.

  • The Improving Democracy through Parliamentary Development (IPD) project is committed to strengthening the parliament to improve its legislative capacity, its oversight functions and its democratic practices through institutional and operational reforms.

  • The project sought to build the capacity of the Law & Parliamentary Affairs Division (LPAD) of the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (MoLJPA) to build produce high quality legislation in a planned manner. This included strengthening the institutional capacity of LPAD to undertake prioritized, inclusive and higher quality legislative reform, as well as to provide advice on international treaties, conventions and international legal affairs.

  • The Civil Service Change Management Programme seeks to support and strengthen the Government of Bangladesh’s reform initiatives by providing on-demand assistance across the board to the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS).

  • The Construction of Server Stations for the Electoral Database (CSSED) project was implemented as a follow-up of the Preparation of the Electoral Roll with Photographs project, which aimed to create a complete biometric voter list for the 2008 national elections.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • The Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) is a flagship collaborative initiative of the Bangladesh Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief and UNDP. Its core objective is to strengthen national capacity to manage risks related to disasters, as well as the immediate response and the recovery efforts.

Environment & Energy

  • The project aims to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities to the impacts of climate change through afforestation (establishment of a forest or tree planting) and livelihood diversification.

  • The Poverty, Environment and Climate Mainstreaming (PECM) project is a joint initiative of the General Economics Division (GED) of the Government of Bangladesh and UNDP. It aims to enhance the institutional capacity of targeted national stakeholders to integrate poverty-environment-climate linkages into their national development planning process, documents and guidelines.

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