Civil Service Change Management Programme

What the programme is about?

Civil Service Change Management ProgrammeA nationwide interactive platform has been launched to create a dialogue between citizens and civil servants. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The Civil Service Change Management Programme seeks to support and strengthen the Government of Bangladesh’s reform initiatives by providing on-demand assistance across the board to the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). The programme provides technical and strategic guidance to the BCS in managing and exploiting emerging opportunities for change and innovation, based upon modern theory and practice in the field of organisational development, capacity development and change management. Key areas of this assistance include the conceptualisation of the reform agenda, known as the “Reform Roadmap”, the construction of legal and policy frameworks and the development of mechanisms, structures and tools to implement changes across the BCS.

What have we accomplished so far?

The development of the civil service “Reform Roadmap”, aims to identify the strategic priorities, the essential activities and to plan realistically.

  • A Public Service Act was drafted and presented to the Prime Minister for her approval.
  • An interactive platform (known as the Second Generation Citizen’s Charters Initiative) was launched to create a dialogue between citizens and civil servants to improve the quality of the services, standards, accountability and transparency at the local level.
  • Specific policies on women in the civil service were developed, including the Gender Guidelines, and the Bangladesh Civil Service Women’s Network was established.
  • Governance Innovations Units were established to serve as a catalyst for innovation and good governance and to foster a culture of innovation within the Bangladesh Civil Service.

Who finances it?

$ 945,000
$ 20,300
$ 945,000
$  20,300

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Amount
2011 $ 924,520
2010 $ 997,750
2009 $ 901,885

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