Strengthening Election Management in Bangladesh

What is the project about?

 Through UNDP and the Election Commission, over 3000 trainings were held for the 80 000 permanent and temporary voter registration workers, building the people's confidence in the electoral process. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The Strengthening Election Management in Bangladesh (SEMB) project is a five-year project being implemented jointly with the Election Commission of Bangladesh (ECB). The main objective is to build the capacity of the ECB, its secretariat and local offices, to fulfill their mandate of conducting fair, credible and transparent elections and to become a permanent, professional, credible and independent institution of governance. It builds on the electoral reform process which started in 2008 and is now continuing.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Seven million new voters were registered in 2012, taking the total registered persons to 92 million, with support for the maintenance of the inclusive and accurate voter list.
  • Over 3,000 trainings were held for the 80,000 permanent and temporary voter registration workers.
  • Heightened training skills and delivery techniques of 40 ECB trainers, including key staff of the Electoral Training Institute, were achieved with the introduction of the professional development programme.
  • The creation of the Electoral Training Institute’s first Strategic Plan, providing them with a longer term vision for electoral training.
  • The completion of the organizational review and restructuring of the Bangladesh Election Commission.
  • Stakeholder consultations were undertaken with over 250 local election officials and stakeholders on BECs’ corporate vision and targets.

Who finances it?

Amount (per year)
European Union $ 13,698,630
UK Department for International Development
$ 2,500,000
UNDP TRAC (Target for Resource Assignment from the Core funding)
$ 2,014,423
United States Agency for International Development
$ 1,400,000

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Amount
2012 $ 7,175,945.85
2011 $ 649,660.57

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