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Happy Women Return with Vegetables from VCF_Arjun Para VCF, Ruma
Happy Women Return with Vegetables from VCF_Arjun Para VCF, Ruma
The acting agent of the community based forest conservation in CHT

The Mouza Forests in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), locally known as Village Common Forests (VCFs) and as the national treasures of Bangladesh, are conserved by local communities under traditional leadership.more 

Rasel Chakma, makes bigger profit and expands his vegetable field after applying modern techniques that he learned through CHTDF
From an Ordinary Farmer to a Model Farmer

Panel Chairman of the Sajek Union Parishad, Mr. Notun Joy Chakma, said “Mr. Rasel Chakma was an ordinary farmer in his village. After applying his new knowledge, he instantly improved his economic situation. Similar happened with others who followed his advice. I hope the whole community of Sajek follows him so that the food shortage can be ended.”more 

Rena Chakma was one of 27 participants in the Rangamati training on community mobilization
How to Revive a Village Common Forest: With Passion, Commitment and Community

Rena comes from a community that is dependent on their Village Common Forrest for survival. Livelihoods in her village are primarily based on jhum cultivation, the traditional system of shifting cultivation in CHT, with water from the forest as the only source for irrigation and household use.more 

The full functioning solar panels have been not only increased staff efficiency in the Matiranga Upazilia office, but has also increased security
Looking to the Sun – Shifting to Solar in the CHT

The CHT Development Facility’s current 19 upazila office buildings have traditionally received electricity through the national power grid, which was supplemented by generators due to frequent and lengthy power cuts – often during the rainy season. more 

Md. Mofijur Rahman Mollah, Junior Auditor, KHDC, browsing the Internet after completing a computer course
New Technologies for Better Services to the Community

Khagrachari Hill District Council (KHDC), provides administrative services to the community people. Since the re-establishment of the office in 2001, it has been an urgent need to develop an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system to strengthen documentation access in order to better serve the communities. more 

Children in the hill districts are now learning the basics in their mother tongues, pushing attendance rates up. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh
Multi-lingual schools get attendance up in the hill districts

Going to school was never a real possibility for the children in the village of Alutila, a remote hamlet that houses a smattering of villages in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Torn by decades of conflict and lacking basic infrastructure, the region had few schools to begin with, and those that did exist taught curriculum in Bangla to classrooms full of children from various ethnicities and mother-tongues.more 

“Before Farmer Field School intervention we always faced acute food crisis and as alternative options we have to depend on money lenders with high interest.” U Ba Maung, Farmer Facilitator
Farmer Field Schools: Nurturing a Greener Future for CHT

While Jum was traditionally an environmentally sound farming practice, recent constraints on land availability and pressures have seen a marked reduction in fallow periods from approximately 15 through to roughly three years. This has resulted in soil fertility depletion and erosion, in turn translating to reductions in crop yield and a rise in the more 

“From my early childhood secretly kept a dream to be a soccer player and represent CHT.” Sathuima Marma
Sports for Peace: Scoring Goals, Engaging Youth

As one of the more prominent sports in CHT, football is a pretty important subject. From an early age children across the region spill out onto the nearby ‘pitch’ after school to kick the ball with enthusiasm and determination equalled only on the World Cup field. This is a memory that resonates strongly with Sathuima Marma, current player with Bangladesh Ansar Women’s Football Team. “From my early childhoodI secretly kept a dream to be a soccer player and represent CHT.”more 

Three-year-old Hridoy, held by his father Joykumar Chakma are among more than a million residents of Bangladesh’s remote south-eastern hills who now have access to healthcare as a result of UNDP’s work in the area. Photo: Mahtab Haider / UNDP Bangladesh
Safety-nets, bed-nets fight malaria in Bangladesh

Joykumar Chakma, 28, has never been treated by a doctor. “My father was the village mendicant. If we got seriously ill, the family sacrificed a pig or a hen and he believed the illness would pass. This was the custom in my community,” said Joykumar. “So many children used to die of malaria in those days.” more 

“It is a great opportunity for us that police and community are working together.” Maung Kya Ching Chowdhury
Community Policing: A Partnership for Change

Community policing is a strategy for bringing police and citizens together to prevent crime and help solve social problems. It seeks to help give police a greater sense of citizen’s needs and foster trust between community and policing services. Widely adopted globally the philosophy has been rolled out across Bangladesh since 2005 with the launching of the UNDP supported Police Reform Project. more 

Through Rural Sales and Service Centres farmers are now benefiting from collective bargaining
Balancing the Scales for Farmers: Rural Sales and Service Centres in CHT

To support value chain enhancement in CHT the Facility has been working with local communities to identify linkages with economic activity and prospects. An example is the establishment of nine Rural Sales and Service Centres (RSSC) for the collective sales and storage of products, funded in partnership with the European Union. more 

Residents of the Taracha Union now enjoy access to clean water
Joint Efforts Bring Positive Change

In 2014 the Jamini, Mendui, Babu and Menlyng paras made the decision to join forces under the pioneering Area Based Development Initiatives (ABDI) to solve the common problem of water shortage. ABDI is an intervention supported by the CHT Development Facility that facilitates area based forums where communities of close proximity come together to identify issues, develop solutions and more 

An information booklet, produced by BLAST in partnership with CHTDF, details the process for seeking justice for rape
Facilitating Access to Justice in CHT

Legal empowerment and access to an inclusive justice framework can foster economic growth and is closely related to poverty eradication. It is a mainstay of democratic governance and a fundamental human right. Indeed, it is because of its importance that the new Sustainable Development Goals lists more 

Mobile Medical Teams provide a vital health service to remote and disadvantaged communities
A Coordinated Response to Malaria

Like many mornings before, late last year Luyan Khumi hurried outside after breakfast to play with her friends in Antung para, Bandarban District. After some time she returned home, feeling unwell and feverish. Her father, Kinnan Khumi had heard about the symptoms of malaria from a community health worker and decided to visit CHTDF supported Morongo Bazaar satellite clinic to consult with a doctor. more 

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