Early Recovery Facility

What is the project about?

Early Recovery FacilityPeasants have the resources and capacities to build back better their homes after a tropical storm. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

UNDP established the Early Recovery Facility (ERF) as a way of financing and implementing emergency response and early recovery efforts to disasters in order to close the gap between the relief phase and long-term recovery. ERF provides policy and programmatic support to the government for effective local and national level recovery and introduces interventions guided by sustainable development principles in  post-disaster situations. ERF’s core objective also holds the flexibility to complement national efforts during times of emergency response if and when necessary. To support the government in times of crisis, ERF has a fund of USD 60 [u1] million at its disposal to be able to quickly respond to emergencies based on build back better approaches.

What have we accomplished so far?

Since its establishment, ERF has supported the government in its disaster management efforts and has set up strong mechanisms in this regard.

  • ERF has set up functioning Early Recovery Cluster Mechanisms including all relevant stakeholders.
  • ERF has carried out structured and sustainable capacity building for government officials as well as other actors in disaster management and will continue to do so.
  • ERF has demonstrated disaster resilient, community-based recovery solutions for vulnerable population with a building back better approach with focus on shelter and livelihood programmes.
  • Guidelines on Early Recovery, Shelter and Livelihood interventions are under development for standardization under the lead of ERF.

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount (per year)
UNDP - TRAC $ 5,100,000
UNDP - BCPR $ 500,000
DFID $ 635,930
SDC $ 1,471,994
AusAID $ 1,284,178
EKN $ 1,110,755
Total $ 10,102, 860

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Amount
2014 $ 2,309,627
2013 $ 3,949,164
2012 $ 818,943
2011 $ 1400,295

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