Achivements of K4DM Project

  • ERDPEDIA - an information repository has been launched at ERD through development of a document management software and digitization of contents.
  • Consultative Group of ERD (CGE) established engaging 35 eminent persons
  • A study on South-South and Triangular Cooperation has been completed and the project is supporting establishment of South-South Cell in ERD.
  • Draft Strategy Paper for Resource Mobilization has been prepared and shared with the stakeholders.
  • Study on Diaspora Engagement for National Development has been initiated and a national consultant is working on this.
  • Training courses for GoB officials organized on UN System, Public Procurement, Project Management, Public Finance Management, Effective Office Management, Rules of Business , Development Effectiveness, Result Based Management, Theory of Change and Foreign Aid Management. A total 490 officials from ERD and line ministry /divisions participated in these training courses.
  • Workshops organized on ‘Innovation’, ‘Good Governance’ and ‘Prevention of Corruption’ by involving different stakeholders and Government officials.


Major Interventions of K4DM Project:

  • Generate, capture and disseminate new knowledge  
  • Establish information repository for effective and efficient knowledge    management  
  • Promote South-South and Triangular cooperation
  • Explore innovative means of resource mobilization  
  • Create knowledge partnership with eminent persons and non-resident Bangladeshi experts (NRB)
  • Enhance collaboration and interaction of the Government with the    think-tanks and experts
  • Simplify programming procedures  
  • Leverage effective knowledge management through capacity building and   training programmes  
  • Promote deep engagement and collaboration among all stakeholders and   support evidence based decision making
  • Enhance quality of decision making through debates and dialogue and the   participatory process on the policy issues
  • Review strategic mechanisms towards attaining Human Development

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