Establishing Information Repository at Economic Relations Division

The project supported ERD to introduce ERDPEDIA - the Information Repository, which is a web based management software having easy search and download options. ERDPEDIA provides quick and easy access of officials to the required information preserved in the digital archive as ready reference. This system also allows for searching, uploading, downloading and sharing documents, editing properties and checking in and out.   

Promotion of South- South and Triangular Cooperation

K4DM Project has been supporting ERD’s initiatives for promoting South-South and Triangular cooperation and establishment of South-South Cell in ERD. The project initiated a study on this and series of consultation is being organized for identifying institutional mechanism and better understanding on this.

Major focus of South- South and Triangular Cooperation initiatives includes:  

· Showcasing good practices of South-South and Triangular cooperation in   the   global and Bangladesh context for dissemination;

· Increase awareness and understanding of relevant stakeholders on importance of South-South and Triangular cooperation for attaining global development agenda;

· Reviewing existing policies and undertaking advocacy to advance the    South-South and Triangular cooperation agenda;

· Identifying scope for partnership with different organization

Consultative Group of ERD (CGE)

The project is supporting ERD to continue knowledge partnership with eminent persons of the country. Initially the name of the group was Eminent Persons Group but later the group has been renamed as Consultative Group of ERD (CGE) comprising 35 eminent persons of different profession and discipline. Ten thematic groups also formed based on the area of expertise of the eminent persons. K4DM is also supporting thematic dialogue on different issues relevant to national development agenda.

Expected role of CGE (Consultative Group of ERD)

·   Engage in the consultation process with the government stakeholders on   important   

    development issues /challenges with a view to recommend   possible solutions ;

·   Contribute to policy review and context analysis;

·   Guide and advise commissioning of policy and action research;

·   Provide policy advice/guidance in attaining development targets of the    Government;

Capacity Development Program for Government Officers

K4DM Project is supporting ERD in organizing series of orientation, workshop, seminar and training program on professional as well as development issues to enhance the capacity and skills of government officials.

Till December 2017 the project organized following training and workshop for ERD officials. Representatives from different ministries and implementing agencies also participated in some courses.

Project Management

           Public Procurement

Theory of Change and Result Based Management

           Aid Management

           Effective Office Management

           SDGs for Young Civil Servants

           Prevention of Corruption  


           Negotiation Techniques

           7th Five Years Plan

          Rights to Information and Pro-active Disclosure 

          Preparation of Agreed Documents & Scrutiny of Proposals for Foreign Aid

 Research / Study

The project commissioned three study on South -South Cooperation for Financing SDGs, Internal Resource Mobilization and NRB Engagement in National   Development: Scope, Opportunity and Challenges       


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