Establishing Information Repository at Economic Relations Division

The project has undertaken initiative for establishing an information repository at ERD. It will be a unique document management software with easy search and download options, which will provide quick and easy access to required information to all ERD officials as a ready reference. It will serve the purpose of an institutional memory for ERD.   

Major focus of the information repository is:

Developing document management software; Digitization of ERD Documentation Center (ERDOC) and relevant    documents; Capacity development of general users and admin users;  Establish linkage with other relevant systems;

Promotion of South- South and Triangular Cooperation

K4DM Project has been supporting ERD’s initiatives for promoting South-South and Triangular cooperation. This activity involves creation of the right policies and identifying scopes through consultations, study and development of business case for attracting South-South and Triangular cooperation for furthering development activities.

Major focus of South- South and Triangular Cooperation initiatives includes:  

·         Showcasing good practices of South-South and Triangular cooperation in   the global and Bangladesh context for dissemination;

·         Increase awareness and understanding of relevant stakeholders on    importance of South-South and Triangular cooperation for attaining global   development agenda;

·         Reviewing existing policies and undertaking advocacy to advance the    South-South and Triangular cooperation agenda;

·         Identifying scope for partnership with for-profit and not-for-profit    organizations;

Eminent Persons Group (EPG)

The project has undertaken initiative for developing knowledge partnership with Eminent Citizens of the country from their respective areas of expertise in the development field with a view to develop a deeper insight of development issues and challenges as well. Major objective of formation of the EPG Forum is to enter into dialogues in close collaboration with respective line ministries to identify emerging development and policy challenges and scope for development interventions to address such challenges.

Expected role / contribution of Eminent Persons Group include:

·         Engage in the consultation process with the government stakeholders on   important development issues /challenges with a view to recommend    possible solutions ;

·         Contribute to policy review and context analysis;

·         Guide and advise commissioning of policy and action research;

·         Provide policy advice/guidance in attaining development targets of the    Government;

Capacity Development Programmes for Government Officers

ERD, through K4DM project, is organizing series of orientation, workshop, seminar and training programme on professional as well as development issues to enhance the capacity and skills of government officials. The capacity building initiatives of the project are expected to help develop leadership and understanding of the Government officials on aid effectiveness and development discourse of the country to foster economic development and attainment of development targets.


The major contents of the capacity development programme are as follows:

UN system and Operational Modalities of UN Agencies in Bangladesh:

·         Project Management

·         Public Procurement

·         Public Finance Management

·         Effective Office Management

·         Innovation

·         Prevention of Corruption  

·         Governance

·         Negotiation Techniques

·         Important Strategic and Plan   

·         Documents of the  Government                       

Innovation and Alternative Means of Resource Mobilization K4DM Project has an initiative of strengthening collaboration with development partners on resource mobilization. The project provides support to ERD

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