Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission

What is the project about?

 Bangladesh National Human Rights CommissionWithin its first year of operation, the NHRC filed over 250 cases of human rights violations and worked with relevant authorities to address the problems. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh (NHRC) is an independent statutory body formed under the National Human Rights Commission Act 2009. The NHRC serves as the major national human rights watchdog, monitoring implementation of state obligations to respect protection and the fulfillment of the rights of every citizen of society.

The National Human Rights Commission Capacity Development project is a step towards building the institutional strength of the commission, and establishing it as an effective, efficient and credible organization capable of fulfilling its mandate.

The project is implemented in partnership with the NHRC, and focuses on achieving the following 4 key outcomes.

·         Institutional development of the NHRC;

·         Human rights monitoring and investigation;

·         Human rights awareness and education;

·         Human rights research and policy development.

What have we accomplished so far?

o   The NHRC drafted its second five years strategic plan (2016-2020)

o   The NHRC conducted surveys to assess peoples' peception of the human rights situation in Bangladesh.

o   The NHRC conducted a series of research to assess the compliance of national laws with core international human rights instruments.

o   The NHRC provided recommendations on specific legislation to relevant ministries to ensure that the current laws in Bangladesh are consistent with the international human rights standards and best practices

o   The NHRC submitted its first stakeholder Universal Periodic Review report to the Human Rights Council in 2012 following national consultations on key human rights issues.

o   The NHRC conducted campaigns to raise awareness about human rights at the grassroots level and conducted human rights training for key stakeholders such as human rights defenders, journalists, and law enforcement officials.

o   The NHRC has developed an online complaints management system and procedures on complaints handling.

o   The NHRC visited prisons, schools, hospitals and made recommendations to the government to address human rights violations.

The NHRC is now known in the wider international community, with connections established with the International Coordinating Committee for NHRIs and regional bodies such as the Asia Pacific Forum.

Who Finances it?

Donor Amount
Danish International Development Agency $ 2.02 million
Sweden $ 1.4 million
The Swiss Confederation $ 1.3 million

$ 1.3 million


Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Amount
2014 $ 1,384,773.05
2013 $ 1,283,620.00
2012 $ 1,110,126.41
2011 $ 1,022,398.91
2010 $ 276,264.75