Human Rights Programme

What is the project about?

 Bangladesh National Human Rights CommissionHuman Rights Programme (HRP) observed Human Rights Day 2016 to create awareness for protecting Human Rights in Bangladesh. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.

The Human Rights Programme is a new initiative undertaken by UNDP supported by a consortium of donors. Through the Programme, UNDP is looking to expand its cooperation with the state based institutions with a special focus on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), as well as the civil society organizations operating to advocate for human rights in Bangladesh. The Programme will focus on building the capacity of existing human rights architectures in Bangladesh. This is also in line with the UNDP New Strategic Plan 2014-2017 to meet citizen expectations for voice, development, the rule of law and accountability by stronger systems of democratic governance. 

The Human Rights Programme has five outputs-

  • Strengthened capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to deliver on its mandate
  • Enhanced capacity of civil society and community based organizations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising
  • Enhanced capacity of law enforcement agencies, in particular police, on human rights issues
  • Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote women's rights
  • Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote the rights of ethnic minorities

What have we accomplished so far?

  • The Human Rights Programme (HRP) successfully ensured the involvement of the representatives of relevant ministries, NGOs/CSOs and National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) in its planning as well as in its Project Advisory Board (PAB), Programme Implementation Committee (PIC) and Challenge Fund Board. Such involvement of different stakeholders at various level will ensure the smooth implementation of programme activities
  • HRP organized rallies and discussion sessions with relevant stakeholders in collaboration with NHRC at Dhaka, Khulan and Rangamati for promoting and protecting Human Rights
  • The Human Rights Programme (HRP) supports the NHRCB strengthen its thematic committees for taking action around their priority areas  
  • NHRC and HRP jointly organized a seminar on ‘Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality’
  • The NHRC submitted its first stakeholder Universal Periodic Review report to the Human Rights Council in 2012 following national consultations on key human rights issues.
  • The Ethnic minority youth leaders will act as change agent to protect Human Rights Joint Fact finding mission undertaken by NHRC and the Members of the Parliament on the recent Shantal community in the district of Gaibandha.
  • The HRP, NHRC and the legislative organ of Bangladesh for the first time has agreed to undertake joint fact finding missions on human rights violations nationwide.
  • The HRP supported NHRC to make visit to victim persons, prisons and made recommendations to the government to address human rights violations.
  • The NHRC Two regional offices in Rangamati and Khulna established and will serve local communities in collaboration with the legal aid offices, police stations, networks of local CSOs human rights legal practitioners and human rights defenders.

Who Finances it?






$ 4220,000.00


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$ 5675,000.00

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