Human Rights Programme (HRP) is an integral part of rights-based programming effort of the UNDP supported by a consortium of donors. UNDP has developed and implemented several programme in areas of human rights, justice and governance, including, but not limited to, Support to the National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC), Police Reform, Judicial Strengthening, the Justice Sector Facility, Access to Justice and Activating Village Courts.The  HRP is designed to expand its strategic cooperation with the state based institutions with a special focus on the NHRC, law enforcing agencies, CSOs and other institutions working for the  promotion and protection of human rights in Bangladesh. This is also aligned with the UNDP’s new Strategic Plan (2014-2017) to meet citizen expectations for voice, development, the rule of law and accountability by stronger systems of democratic governance.

The Programme also have the focus to work with the vulnerable and marginalised groups, including women and girls, children and young people, ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, Dalit and other minorities.

The Human Rights Programme has five outputs:

·         Strengthened capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to deliver on its mandate

·         Enhanced capacity of civil society and community based organizations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising

·         Enhanced capacity of law enforcement agencies, in particular police, on human rights issues

·         Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote women's rights

·         Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote the rights of ethnic minorities


Components: wise focuse Area

Component-1: Focuses on NHRC NHRC’s activities to fulfill their core mandates in line with Commission Strategic Plan 2016-20

Component-2: Focuses on better engagement CSOs in Human Rights advocacy and awareness raising;

Component-3: Focuses on sensitization of LEAs for better protection of human rights;

Component-4: Focuses on Gender issues

Component-5: Focuses on ethnic minority and vulnerable communities for better protection of their rights.


Taking a human rights bases approach, the project encourages an evidence based approach to find pragmatic solutions to human rights challenges. Outputs of the project are interlinked to foster coordination and cooperation among key human rights stakeholders including the National Human Rights Commission, CSOs, Law enforcement agencies and universities. It will improve the quality of advocacy for the NHRC, CSOs and CBOs and ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalized groups are better able to enjoy their basic rights.



The Human rights Programme is designed to build a human rights culture in Bangladesh. It aims to promote equality, advocate for irradiating discrimination and act as a catalyst for policy reforms towards aligning domestic human rights framework with international obligations of the state.   By 2020 the programme aims to create an enabling environment to Human rights and justice institutions to be better able to effectively serve and protect the rights of all citizens, with a specific focus on r women and ethnic minorities.


HRP Dev. Partners:


Key Partners: NHRC, CSOs and Law Enforcement Agencies and Universities

HRP duration:

1st Jan. 2016 – 31st Dec. 2020

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