The Human Rights Programme (HRP) will build the capacity of existing human rights architectures in Bangladesh. The Programme is supporting state based institutions, with a special focus on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), as well as key civil society interventions to improve human rights coalitions across the country. The Programme has a particular focus on working with vulnerable and marginalised groups, including women and girls, children and young people, ethnic and religious minorities, people with disabilities, Dalit and other minorities.  The Programme has 5 following outputs:

1. Strengthened capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to deliver on its mandate

2. Enhanced capacity of civil society and community based organisations to engage in human rights advocacy and awareness raising

3. Enhanced capacity of law enforcement agencies, in particular police, on human rights issues

4. Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote women’s rights

5. Strengthened capacity of national stakeholders to better protect and promote the rights of ethnic minorities


Components: wise focuse Area

Component-1: Focuses on NHRC NHRC’s activities to fulfill their core mandates in line with Commission Strategic Plan 2016-20

Component-2: Focuses on better engagement CSOs in Human Rights advocacy and awareness raising;

Component-3: Focuses on sensitization of LEAs for better protection of human rights;

Component-4: Focuses on Gender issues

Component-5: Focuses on ethnic minority and vulnerable communities for better protection of their rights.


·      HRP has supported NHRC to prepare and submit 3 reports (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights -ICCPR, Committee on Migrant Workers -CMW & Universal Periodic Review-UPR) to UN Human Rights mechanisms to provide an explicit update about civil and political rights; migrant workers’ rights and the implementation status of UPR recommendations along with recommendations for future course of action.

·      HRP is continuously supporting NHRCB to strengthen its 11 thematic committees for acting around their priority areas. These committees serve as a bridge between State and CSOs as it allows them to get engaged in rights and policy dialogues on thematic issues and contemporary human rights issues.

·      The Project is working to enhance coalitions/forums and platforms to foster CSOs coalition to advocate for human rights. So far HRP has supported 18 CSOs functioning at the grassroots and national levels to work in areas related to women, children and minority rights.

·      The Project has created an online platform for youth titled “Youth Leaders Online Network” to strengthen the network of Youth Leaders and promote human rights in grass root level. Youths from ethnic minorities are increasingly engaging in advocating for rights of ethnic community through this online platform. The platform helps crowd source information and disseminate information and thus raise awareness on contemporary debates on human rights.

·      To ensure access to services for the victims facing geographical barriers, the Project has introduced video conferencing facilities at NHRC Dhaka office as well as two district offices in Khulna and Rangamati to conduct online inquiries and interview witnesses.

·         Awareness: organized rallies and discussion sessions with relevant stakeholders in 7 districts for promoting and protecting Human Rights to mark the International Human Rights Day 2016 and 2017. Theatre Festival organised to week on 16 days activism on VAW and Human Rights Day. Ethnic Language Programme was developed and broadcasted through 3 Community Radio on different rights based issues. Print and Audio-Visual communications materials were produced to create awareness among diversified audience. published the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP in Bengali and Sadri language. First time in Bangladesh, the UNDRIP is published in an ethnic language. (Sadri, is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken by the ethnic minorities of Bangladesh living in the North- West part of the country).

·      Advocacy: A campaign was conducted to promote human rights with University level and produced developed 3 video documentaries on different rights based issues. International Day of World Indigenous Peoples 2017 was observed. Consultation to amendment the Child marriage restraint Act and Child Rights Commission. also supported NHRC to proceed the drafting process National Action Plan on PWDs and Anti-Discrimination Act. Supporting NHRC to advocate in national and global level on the Rohingya crisis. HRP is supporting to undertake joint fact-finding mission on human rights violations against ethnic minorities nationwide that involve NHRC and the Parliamentary Caucus on Indigenous People.

·      Research: 7 research studies conducted. Communications and Gender strategy developed  

·      Training: The Ethnic minority youth leaders were trained to protect and promote Human Rights; district level human rights defenders were also trained. Gender training for stakeholders and CSOs were conducted.

Who Finances it?

Total resources required:            10,597,570

Total allocated resources:            10,597,570


SDC:                          1,232741.62

SIDA:                        4,227,605.00

DANIDA:                    255,247.00

Unfunded:                 6,114,718.00


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