Drama festival for promoting Human Rights in Bangladesh

Dec 13, 2017

2nd Day Dram Performance - Rabindro Sorobor Arena Theatre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

The Human Rights progarmeme supported Bangladesh Manobadhiker Nattya Parishod (BMNP) to organise a 3-day long Drama festival on Human rights from 8 to 10 December 2017 at Ravindra Sorobor Arena Theatre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

National Human Rights Theatre Festivals has been successfully organized by Bangladesh Manobadhiker Nattya Parishod (MNP) for last ten years in Dhaka.  Both the mainstreamed central groups and the groups from the grassroots gets opportunities to exchange their experiences and promote solidarity among themselves since the festival turns into a mass congregation of creative minds for those three days.  5 – 7 dramas with a duration of 25 – 35 minutes was performed every day by different groups.

Target group and Audience:16 theatre groups from different districts including Dhaka city participated with their drama on Human Rights issues. It is also expected that at least 8000(Eight thousand) people shall participate in the festival as audience from all walks of life.


·         To Celebrate the Worlds Human Rights Day by engaging youth and Cultural Organizations

·          To promote and publicize the importance of Human Rights values and standards for a peaceful society

Rally to mark the world Human Rights Day: A colorful festival rally was brought out from National Saheed Minar to Sahbag on the second day of the festival. Theatre activist from across the country along with other interested people walked with the rally with musical instruments.

Reception of 3 (three) Dignitaries and closing: Three renowned personalities from the field of HR activism, Theatre, liberation movement, education, women movements or any other social movements will be accolade with Crest of honor for their outstanding contributions in the relevant fields.


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