Implementation of Digital ECNEC

What is the project about?

 Data Center at the Planning Commission. Photo - UNDP

About 1500 new development projects are approved, allocated and monitored every year by the government, and many more are submitted to the Planning Commission from the agencies through respective divisions /ministries. This project focuses on simplifying these processes with the introduction of ICT tools and is expected to reduce approval time significantly, improve responsiveness of development procedures and increase accuracy of ADP utilization data used for defining many macro level indicators and policy formulation. The key to successful implementation of such digital tools lies in ensuring proper transfer of knowledge and ownership, flawless incorporation of business processes, migration of all available source of data and strengthening capacity of public offices and relevant officials. The project targets to achieve these through:

1)      Efficiency of the GoB’s project appraisal, approval, allocation and monitoring process enhanced;

2)      E-Governance promoted by strengthening ICT infrastructure and

3)      Capacity of concerned GoB officials strengthened

What have we accomplished so far?

A draft of revised regulations for development projects preparation, appraisal, submission and approval process is issued by ECNEC division which will reduce requirement of time in terms of the factors mentioned above. Based on this the existing Project Planning System software is modified considering all the changes proposed in the revised regulation and feedback received from user level. Concern govt. officers from different agencies/ ministries started to submit their own DPP/ TPP through online using the PPS software. 53 DPPs are submitted yet to Planning Commission through online by the respective agencies/ division;

Personnel database are being created using the personnel management system (PMS) Software;

Meetings are being coordinated the Meeting Minutes System software and digital filing system has been implemented gradually in the planning campus;

The ICT system of Planning Ministry is made interconnected with the national ICT intra-network for Bangladesh Government to access/ use the software more safely from wide range.

Network time server is installed in the data center of Planning Ministry to synchronize clock time of IT systems with Bangladesh Government standard time;

Data center are being upgraded in a regular manner so that it could preserve all the data safe and sound which are stored in it;

Budget allocation, expenditure and progress related to gender issues made easier and more accurate to track using the software suite implemented by the project;

About 450 Govt. officers of Planning Ministry are provided all kinds of ICT support including but not limited to internet access, troubleshooting, operation system and software installation, printer and scanner installation, data recovery and internet & intranet related troubleshooting.

Planning Commission Campus data center where business critical applications are hosted, are being managed by a team of highly skilled ICT professionals from UNDP to ensure 24/7 availability of ICT services to support E-governance.


Who finances it?

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