Judicial Strengthening

What is the project about?

Judicial Strengthening
The JUST project has raised awareness notably on the 10,000 cases pending in the Family Courts in Dhaka and on how mediation can resolve such cases. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The Judicial Strengthening project, known as JUST, aims to improve access to justice, especially for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. JUST supports the Government of Bangladesh in implementing key changes to ensure rapid treatment of the cases brought to justice and creating friendlier spaces for justice seekers.  Activities include training and capacity building on how to best manage the considerably high number of cases brought to the district and to the higher courts to avoid unnecessary delays which may discourage citizens to register their complaint. It also comprises support to district courts to deliver client-oriented services and improving the overall capacity of the Bangladesh Supreme Court on strategic planning and administration.

What have we accomplished so far?

In direct participation with key judicial stakeholders, high level workshops, meetings, exchange sharing and capacity building events were organized. The topics covered ranged from the potential of information communication technology (ICT) in managing the complaints, general management best practices and on how to raise awareness in mediation aspects. JUST has enabled the development of a common understanding from the judicial community on the challenges met by the justice sector and the identification of possible solutions.

The capacity of three pilot district courts on creating friendlier environments for disadvantaged justice seekers was strengthened. They have notably installed rest rooms, toilets facility for women and children as well as ramps for persons with disability.

Judges and bench officers have enhanced their administrative skills.

Case Management Committees (CMCs) have been formed at the Supreme Court and at the pilot districts courts to regularly monitor the number of cases received and their timely processing. When delays or other procedural bottlenecks occur, they address the challenges locally and provide recommendations to the Chief Justice of Bangladesh.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
UNDP $ 4,000,000
Government of Bangladesh $    150,000

Delivery in previous fiscal years

The project started in January 2012 and by December the total estimated cost was: US $ 690,000

Project Overview
Project start date
1 January 2012
Estimated end date
31 December 2014
Geographic coverage
Dhaka, Rangamati and Kishoregonj
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
UNDP Project Manager
Jakhangir Khayadrov
UNDP Project Officer
Rustam Pulatov
Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Project Documents
Project Document