Upazila Governance Project

What is the project about?

Upazila Governance Project
In Purnimagati, participatory planning session now lie at the heart of local governance. So far, 3 million people participated in open budgets and planning sessions across the country. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The Upazila Governance Project (UZGP) is part of the programmatic framework of the UNDP and the United Nations Capital Development Fund to support the Government of Bangladesh’s local governance reforms. Upazilas (UZP) are Bangladesh’s second lowest tier of government. The aim of the project is to enable the government institutions, at the national and sub-national levels, to effectively carry out their mandates, including the delivery of public services, in a more accountable, transparent and inclusive manner. The Upazila’s administrations (known as Parishads) have been re-activated in 2009, post 20 years, with the election of 482 Parishads.

What have we accomplished so far?

Capacity building initiatives have resulted in:

  • 25% of Upazilas have adhered to regulatory and institutional processes in the conduct of their mandatory meetings, budget and planning processes and operationalization of their committees.
  • 4,015 stakeholders were trained: 2,981 men and 1,049 women.
  • Clearer understanding of roles and responsibilities of devolved department vis-à-vis the UZP.

Guidelines and handbooks on the Upazilas’s processes and functioning have been created to improve the local governance. A baseline survey and resource corners have also been established with the support of the local government division.

Seven pilot Upazila projects have been carried with dedicated guidelines and manuals, following an investment of USD 250,000.

Technical support was provided to strengthen the capacity of elected women in Upazilas’s governance and women development forums have been formed.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
European Union (EU)  
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)  
Government of Bangladesh  

Delivery in previous fiscal years

Year Amount
2012 US $ 14, 97,049
Project Overview
Project start date
01 July 2011
Estimated end date
31 July 2016
Geographic coverage
7 Districts of 7 Divisions
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Jesmul Hasan and Sydur Rahman Molla
UNDP Project Manager
Mr. Mozammel Haque
Local Government Division MOLG and RD
Project Documents