Development of Sustainable Renewable Energy Power Generation

What is the project about?

The objective of the Project is to reduce the annual growth rate of GHG emissions from the fossil fuel-based power generation by exploiting Bangladesh’s renewable energy resources for electricity generation.  The basic approach of the Project will be to promote renewable energy in Bangladesh through the recently established Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA). For Bangladesh to achieve a greater share of renewable energy (RE) in its energy mix, the Project will support activities that will (i) transform SREDA into a strong RE project facilitation center to bring confidence to private RE investors and increase the number of approved RE projects; (ii) increase the capacities of appropriate government agencies to generate, process, obtain and disseminate reliable RE resource information for use by potential project developers and investors; (iii) increase the affordability of photo-voltaic solar lanterns (PVSLs) for low income households by supporting pilot PVSL diffusion activities; and (iv) increase the share of RE in Bangladesh’s power mix through facilitating the financing, implementation and operation of pilot (RE) energy projects using rice husk and solar panels. The lessons learned from the pilot plants will be utilized to scale-up the dissemination of PVSLs and investment in on-grid RE projects and RE technologies.

What have we accomplished so far?

As a part of government engagement, TAPP of the project was approved in the month of October 2014. Appointment of National Project Director,  the authorization of NPD, opening of Bank Account, temporary PMU setup and appointment of Project Manager and  Admin & Finance \Assistance were done at the end of 2014.

As per Prodoc, SREPGen Project has organized a day-long inception workshop on March 05, 2015.

A number of committees were formed for smooth implementation of the project like Project Steering Committee (PSC), Project Board Committee (PBC), Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC), TOR assistance committee, A Receiving Committee.

Two PSC meeting, one PBC meeting, several TEC meeting and one TOR committee meeting has already been held.

All furniture, IT equipment and other logistics were procured for the Project Management Unit (PMU).

SREPGen developed a notebook as promotional materials for project as well as SREDA and distributed in various ministries/divisions/agencies/stockholders. 

The project made two promotional video documentaries for SREDA. One documentary cover the SREDA activity to promote SREDA, as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency in Bangladesh. Another documentary cover the multipurpose use of solar irrigation system.

SREPGen engage a individual consultant for SREDA website content development and this will be completed by October 2015. 

SREPGen project is trying to find out the implementation modality with IDCOL for PVSL distribution under the project.

An M&E officer has been recruited in June 2015  for tracking the project activities, measure the project results, documentation and reporting. In the mean time, the M&E plan has been revised and finalized.

Who finances it?

Donor Amount
Global Environment Facility (GEF) US$ 4.077 million

Delivery in previous fiscal years


Up to September 2015, total expenditure of the project is US$ 62,659.74 against total revised budget of US$ 257,000.  


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