Poverty Reduction


  • SWAPNO is a social transfer project for ultra-poor women with a state-of-the-art 'graduation' strategy aims at smoothening the transition from safety net employment to market-driven employment by vocational skills training, job placement and diversified climate change resilient livelihoods options, ensuring market linkages and access to essential public services and by social and economic inclusion for these women.

  • The objective of SSIP is to strengthen policy and technical capacity within key Government agencies in Bangladesh. The project has a definitive focus on inclusive, pro-poor economic policy, and aims to build Government capacity for sustainable environmental planning to secure a balanced and equitable future.

  • The objective of this Initiation Plan (IP) project is to create an evidence base that combines perspectives from existing project documents with analysis of current constraints and opportunities relating to trade and poverty reduction in Bangladesh. The project is revisiting the knowledge that UNDP currently has regarding needs and capabilities in lagging sectors and districts, and strengthening them through micro-narratives, research and cross sector consultations.

  • The Social Protection Policy Support (SPPS) Programme will help the government the need for re configure the current social security system so that economic growth is achieved in a more inclusive manner, with economic opportunities reaching the rural and urban poor and the protection of vulnerable groups against shocks.

  • The UNDP Bangladesh Pilot Project on Human Rights of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Victims in Bangladesh is a consorted response to violence against women.

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