Support Sustainable and Inclusive Planning

What is the project about?

Bangladesh's economic growth has been considerable in the past decade. UNDP works with the government to ensure it can trickle down to enable disadvantaged populations to climb out of poverty. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh

The objective of SSIP is to strengthen policy and technical capacity within key Government agencies in Bangladesh. The project has a definitive focus on inclusive, pro-poor economic policy, and aims to build government capacity for sustainable environmental planning to secure a balanced and equitable future. The MDG monitoring and evaluation component of SISP is a continuation of the previous evaluation program in Bangladesh, and will accelerate its progress towards the MDGs up to and beyond 2015.

What have we accomplished so far?

• The SISP project extensively supported in preparation of 7th Five Year Plan of Bangladesh that expected to be an inclusive planning framework focusing on pro-poor economic growth, sustainable development and risk resilience.

• Technical support to MDGs monitoring and progress reporting and providing key support to Post-2015 development framework.

• Initiative for capacity and Knowledge building on macroeconomic policy analysis for GoB/ GED officials started.


Who finances it?

Donor    Amount
UNDP         $ 2.2 million           
United Nations Department of Economicand Social Affairs (UN DESA)         $ 0.3 million    
Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) of UNDP and the United Nations Environment Programme         $ 0.2 million
Unfunded         $  2 million

How resources were spent in 2014?


Budget  Delivery
Institutional and Economic Policy analysis capacity enhancement for GED 37,048 28,882
Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable Planning processes established 150,021 91,341

MDG achievement and Post MDG framework delivered

15,403 10,131

Programme Support & Operations

290,857 275,875
Project Overview
Project start date
01 June 2013
Estimated end date
31 December 2016
Geographic coverage
Country wide
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction, Human Development
Goals 1 through 8
UNDESA, UNEP, General Economics Division (GED), Ministry of Finance (MoF), Bangladesh Bank (BB), Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)