UNDP and the UN System

Tree during the floodsPhoto UNDP Bangladesh

UNDP as the UNs global development network and party of the UN family in Bangladesh has drawn upon and contributed to the knowledge and experiences of all the different UN agencies in Bangladesh.

The UN Resident Coordinator is also the Resident Representative of UNDP Bangladesh. This structure enables UNDP to provide extensive support to the Resident Coordinators Office. The areas of support include:

  • Premises for RC Office staff, including equipment and furniture, and cleaning and office beautification services.
  • Full administrative support such as procurement, finances (ATLAS), travel and transport, salary payments, recruitment of staff and consultants, issuing contracts, support to missions including hotel reservations.
  • UNDP core budget allocation for one RC Office staff member.
  • Sharing of staff services such as that of UNDP Communications Officer.
  • IT support.
  • Security system support.
  • Participation of RC Office staff in relevant UNDP training programmes, seminars, and policy dialogues.

UNDP special mechanisms such as the Multi-Donor Fund that allow funds from various sources to be channeled through the RC Office.

Since independence, UNDP has been at the forefront in actively supporting the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) to reduce the adverse impacts of natural or human induced hazards. In ensuring UN system wide response for completing national efforts, UNDP coordinates with other UN agencies having explicit mandates to respond to disaster emergency in Bangladesh, particularly, UNICEF, WFP and WHO.

It also works with other UN agencies here aiming to work together to the common vision of achieving the MDGs, undertake a specific task and to share knowledge and expertise network, advocate and advice on policy, facilitate inter-agency cooperation, resource mobilization, competencies and benefits.

For example, it works jointly with relevant UN agencies in implementing projects in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) area.

UNDP in Bangladesh has worked with the UN Country Team to develop United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) in Bangladesh (2006-2010) in line with the national priorities and the country’s interim development plan of four years.

UNDP in Bangladesh also supports government agencies in preparing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) based plans and implementing strategies. This includes assistance in undertaking MDGs needs assessment and costing, aligning successive PRSPs and linking MDGs with national development priorities and resource allocations and enhancing the national capacity for development planning.

In February, 2005, UNCT in collaboration with Government of Bangladesh (GoB) prepared MDGs Bangladesh Progress Report, first of its kind, to monitor the progress of the MDGs for advocacy purposes.

All UN agencies observe the same holidays. It has also been agreed that all the agencies working at the field level should harmonizing their office hours.

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