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Looking to the Sun – Shifting to Solar in the CHT

  In 2014, the CHT Development Facility successfully applied for resources from the UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific Greening Fund to shift from generators to solar in 10 upazila (sub-district) offices.   The CHT Development Facility’s current 19 upazila office buildings have traditiomore


Radio cyclone warnings save thousands of lives

Monu Mia is no stranger to cyclones. “I have survived several cyclones but the memory of losing my family in a cyclone stays with me,” the fisherman from Moheshkhali says. Mr. Monu comes from an impoverished community of fishermen, people so poor that even some of the lowest mobile phone tariffs in more


Safety-nets, bed-nets fight malaria in Bangladesh

Joykumar Chakma, 28, has never been treated by a doctor. “My father was the village mendicant. If we got seriously ill, the family sacrificed a pig or a hen and he believed the illness would pass. This was the custom in my community,” said Joykumar. “So many children used to die of malaria in those more

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Human Development Report 2013

When developed economies stopped growing during the 2008–2009 financial crisis but developing economies kept on growing, the world took notice. The rise of the South, seen within the developing world as an overdue global rebalancing, has been much commented on since.

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