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  • Building resilient communities in Cox’s Bazar

    UNDP is working for the communities that can recover from the impact of the crisis, adapt and transform to respond to new challenges and opportunities.more 

  • New Initiative of UNDP and Forest Department to save dolphins in Sundarbans

    Dolphins are sometimes killed by either because they are trapped in fishing nets or injured by the propellers of ships.more 

  • Digital Literacy for Progressive and Tolerant Bangladesh- ICT State Minister

    Digital literacy among young people is crucial to make Bangladesh progressive and tolerant, said State minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak at “Digital Khichuri Challenge” follow-up eventmore 

  • Ranukhi, a woman with disability suffered during the flood, smiling in the end

    Ranukhi 28, has a walking disability. She lives with her aging parents in Nilphamari district in Northern Bangladesh, which is prone to floods. Her father is a part-time fisherman, and only earning member for the family. During the floods in 2017, their house was inundated and Ranukhi’s father could not leave them for fishing because of her disabilitymore 

  • Government of China teams up with UNDP in post disaster recovery in Bangladesh

    To support the flood response, the Ministry of Commerce (MoFCOM) of the People’s Republic of China has partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to provide $4 million for early recovery efforts in Bangladesh. more 

  • New Opportunities Float Down the River

    Anowara lives on a pristine island in rural Bangladesh, 360km from the capital Dhaka, surrounded by the Dudhkumar (the Milk River). Anowara traversed stormy waters for the first chapter of her life.more 

  • Rising from the Ashes

    Jamila’s life was literally shattered by the strokes of poverty, river erosion and disease. After marriage she started her new life at the bank of the river Bramhaputra (son of the creator). She gave birth to a daughter but happiness did not last long. Her house was devoured by the river erosion. more 

  • Poverty Orphan to Spice Vendor

    It was lean period, starvation was rampant. All edible leaf, vegetables and roots in the village exhausted. Bakron’s family went without food for the consecutive third day. The emaciated children of the family, two boys and two girls turned pale and frail. Among the famished children two girls seemed to be more burdensome to their parents. more 

  • Flood Resilient Shelters save Families from Flash Floods

    Having flood resilient housing supported by UNDP and GoB, families living in the river bank areas in north and northeastern Bangladesh are now better prepared to secure their house and assets from monsoon induced flash floods.more 

  • The poverty fighter Didi of Godnail slum

    Shabdi D’Costa was in her forties, barely surviving with her three daughters on her husband’s meager Tk 1,800 (US $22) salary, when she took a principled decision that she would find a way out of poverty by taking charge of the family finances. “We barely had enough money to feed and clothe ourselvemore 

  • Migrant workers get a ticket to a better life

    Ashikur Rahman (36) dreamed of going to abroad to work, but that dream ended badly when just over 4 years ago, he along with a friend paid Tk 200,000 to a recruiting agency. After a few months they learned that the agency had shut down and their money was lost. Late last year when the governmentmore 

  • Women take the lead in fighting poverty

    Shyamola Begum, 43, knows why she lost her husband. Under the pressures of crippling poverty, with too many mouths to feed, he left their one room shanty in the capital one morning and never came back, she explains. “We came to this city looking for a better life, but my husband Jamal struggledmore 

  • Multi-lingual schools get attendance up in the hill districts

    Going to school was never a real possibility for the children in the village of Alutila, a remote hamlet that houses a smattering of villages in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Torn by decades of conflict and lacking basic infrastructure, the region had few schools to begin with, and those that didmore 

  • Seeing beyond disabilities

    Farzana Akhtar, 31, accepts the reality that her blindness has caused potential employers to reject every job application she has filed in the past three years. While her disability couldn’t prevent her from emerging among the top 20 students in her bachelors and masters programmes at Dhakamore 

  • A budget, of the people

    Sitting under a mango tree on a sunny Saturday morning, the wrinkled face of Haider Ali brimmed with pride as a local government official addressed the thousand-strong crowd. "Dear Citizens, now we are going to announce the budget of Devhata Upazila Parishad for FY 2013-2014 before we open themore 

  • Justice for all

    When Jahanara Begum’s sons stole mangoes from a neighbour’s garden, what should have been a petty incident of children’s mischief, escalated into a violent confrontation between Jahanara and her neighbour Babul Mia. Angry at Jahanara, Babul Mia assaulted her and injured her eye, for which shemore 

  • Safety-nets, bed-nets fight malaria in Bangladesh

    Joykumar Chakma, 28, has never been treated by a doctor. “My father was the village mendicant. If we got seriously ill, the family sacrificed a pig or a hen and he believed the illness would pass. This was the custom in my community,” said Joykumar. “So many children used to die of malaria in thosemore 

  • Radio cyclone warnings save thousands of lives

    Monu Mia is no stranger to cyclones. “I have survived several cyclones but the memory of losing my family in a cyclone stays with me,” the fisherman from Moheshkhali says. Mr. Monu comes from an impoverished community of fishermen, people so poor that even some of the lowest mobile phone tariffs inmore 

  • Bangladesh's 'green wall' fights global climate change

    Five years ago, on the night of November 15, a cyclone ripped through Bangladesh’s coast killing more than 3,000 people and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. “We woke up in terror after the roof of my house was swept away, and moments later we were chest deep in the rising waters,” saysmore 

  • Cleaner bricks lay foundation for green economy

    Fourteen years ago Razia Bewa`s husband passed away, as a 30-year old widow with 4 daughters, she was not prepared for what life had in store for her. Her husband was a landless farmer who worked as a day laborer in other people`s farms and after his death their hand to mouth existence disintegratedmore 

  • Post Flood Recovery

    August flood triggered river bank erosion in Northern districts more 

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