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MoU for earthquake preparedness

Considering the vulnerability to earthquakes in Rangpur, Tangail, Sunamganj and Rangamati, the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) part of the National Resilience Programme (NRP), signed an MoU  

Auditing climate-related projects: Training for trainers

Climate change has become a critical developmental issue for Bangladesh as it brings about substantial negative impact on the national economy. The government has adopted relevant policies, plans,…  

Youths join in Digital Peace Movement

Youth from different groups vowed to build an environment of peace in the digital space at a dialogue styled “Peace Talk Café", organised by United Nations development Programme (UNDP) in the…  

NASA and Columbia University partner with UNDP, IOM and UNHCR for disaster risk reduction in Rohingya camps

The partnership will support weather and climate-sensitive decision making for disaster preparedness, with provision of climate and weather advice, development of hazard modelling products, and…  

Islamic finance can play critical role in achieving SDGs in Bangladesh

Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development requires coordinated effort and significance financial support from different stakeholders, speakers said that at a roundtable discussion on…  

Sweden-UNDP strikes deal to empower vulnerable women

Providing women with equal access to decent work will help us to attain the Sustainable Development Goals, leaving no one behind  

NRB engagement crucial to national development

NRB engagement in national development holds immense potential. Policymakers are increasingly recognising the value that non-resident population brings to development efforts at home.  

Integration of humanitarian efforts into longer-term development essential for Cox’s Bazar

The report titled “Impacts of the Rohingya Refugee Influx on Host Communities” explores the socio- economic effect on host community, covering prices, wages and poverty incidence. It also discusses…  

Village courts essential for keeping peace and ensuring justice in rural areas

AVCB II Project works in 1,080 unions of 27 districts for making village courts more functional, which is being implemented by Local Government Division with trio-partnership of the European Union,…  

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