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Bangladesh to publish National Human Development Report

The Economic Relations Division, with the support of UNDP, is planning to bring out the second installment of the report after a 26-year hiatus  

Innovation is the key to tackle climate change

Innovation to face the adverse impact of climate change in every steps in the coastal region has become necessary as Bangladesh is en route to becoming a middle income country.  

Speakers call for accelerating passage of indigenous rights law

The high level policy dialogue focused on lands rights and constitutional recognition of Adivasis in Bangladesh.  

Leveraging solar energy : photovoltaic boats to do away adverse effects of using fossil fuel

What if sustainable renewable energy sources were tapped to benefit the people and the nature? What if people could travel on motorised solar boats without having to face the noise pollution and fumes…  

1,811 marginalised people come under banking network

UNDP is working to increase financial inclusion in rural areas to give the population a scope to alleviate themselves from poverty  

Climate finance essential to attain sustainable development goal

UNDP has been supporting the Ministry of Finance to prepare the climate budget report to show the Government’s resource commitment to address the adverse effects of climate change  

How UNDP is promoting climate friendly and energy efficient technology to save the ozone layer

From mosquito repellents in the 90s to air conditioners now, Bangladesh has come a long way to play its part in saving the environment  

South South cooperation and NRB engagement key for development

The Finance Minister's call for action comes in wake of decreasing foreign assistance for development and the urgent need to explore alternatives for resource mobilisation  

Recycling and alternative of plastic products stressed to beat plastic pollution

Bangladesh was ranked among top 10 plastic polluted countries due to poor waste management. Plastic comprises 8 percent of the country's waste generated every year, weighing some 800,000 tonnes.  

Diversified mangrove plantation to save vulnerable coastal communities

Over 1,76,000 mangroves seedlings of 10 diversified species have been planted and raised over the last year in 10 different forest ranges in a bid to increase natural protection of coastal residents…  

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