LCG subgroup meeting on CHT

30 May 2013

imageCHFT_LCG subgroup meeting on CHT. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.

LCG Subgroup meeting on CHT was held on 21 May 2013. As before, the meeting was held with the aim to come to a common understanding and way forward for development partners to support HDC managed services in the CHT in line with the Peace Accord as well as broader areas of development and confidence building.

The agenda of the meeting included: the way forward for development partners to development and build confidence in the CHT; updates on the latest policy developments with regards to the peace accord Implementation.
The meeting was presided over by the Co-Chairs, Mr. N B K Tripura, Secretary, Ministry of CHT Affairs and Ms. Pauline Tamesis, Country Director, UNDP. Mr. Henrik Larsen, Director, CHTDF, Ms. Melina Nathan, Policy Specialist, CHTDF, Ms. Shaila Khan, Assistant Country Director, UNDP were present at the meeting among others.
Apart from them the meeting also marked a notable presence of high profile development partners namely from the European Union, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and various other missions and UN agencies with active participation and substantial discussion with respect to CHTDF and the CHT context in keeping development partners engaged beyond 2013 in order for the CHT issues to find way and stay alive in the national agenda.