Parliament secretariat strategic plan reviewed

09 Sep 2013

imageThe Parliament Secretariat Strategic Plan (2012-2014) was developed through a series of participatory consultations. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.
The Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat, supported by the Improving Democracy through Parliamentary Development (IPD) Project of UNDP, organized a workshop on September 9, 2013 to review the progress in implementation of the Annual Action Plan which underpins the Parliament Secretariat Strategic Plan.

The Parliament Secretariat Strategic Plan (2012-2014) was developed, in cooperation with IPD Project, through a series of participatory consultations with Parliament Secretariat staff members. The Annual Action Plan for 2012-2013 under it was adopted last year. These were approved by the then, Honorable Speaker in August 2012. The Strategic Plan is aimed at enabling the Parliament Secretariat to provide more efficient and effective services to the Parliament that will enable Honourable Members of Parliament to fulfill their constitutionally mandated responsibilities.

Additional Secretary (IPA) of Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat and National Project Director, IPD Project, Pranab Chakraborty, opened the workshop. Dr IG Chowdhury, National Facilitator for Implementation of the Strategic Plan, moderated the review workshop.

Officials from Finance &Public Relations Wing which includes Library and Research Cell, and the IPA & Security Wing attended the review meeting and provided updates about implementation of their Wing specific activities within the Plan. The meeting was a follow on to review meeting held in July 2013 and provided the opportunity for the Secretariat to consider how best to accelerate the implementation of their Plans.

After the opening remarks by NPD and introductory remarks by the Facilitator, the Wing officials present at the workshop were split into groups for sorting out their priority tasks, and preparing the plans of doable immediate tasks.   

In his opening remarks, the NPD said, “Strategic planning is mainly available in the corporate sector but we do not see it in the public sector, because there is hardly any target set for the public sector staff. Therefore, plans are not also available here. But we want to set an example for the Parliament Secretariat that its activities are not aimless and other public sector organizations can learn from us,” he observed. The NPD also noted there should be consistency and continuity of Secretariat services to set a standard as the political leadership changes in every five years. “It is a plan for better Parliament,” he said.