BPDC, VDP, CDMP II and Ansar sign MoU

24 Oct 2013

imageUnder the MoU BDPC will prepare a detail plan of action. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh
To build resilience against floods at the local level a tripartite MoU has been signed between Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC), Bangladesh ANSAR and VDP, and the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP II).

The partnership aims to develop and implement Flood Preparedness Programme (FPP), which is to some extent similar to the highly appreciated Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP). Under the MoU BDPC will prepare a detail plan of action and provide technical support, Bangladesh Ansar and VDP will execute the FPP at areas which are identified as vulnerable in Upazila, Union and village level, and CDMP II will provide technical and financial assistance. 

Sirajganj and Gaibandha Districts have been selected for the programme to cover 1,563 villages of 94 Unions in 9 Upazilas. The MoU has several components including capacity building of 466 Master Trainers (Upazila and Union leaders), Training for 09 UzDMCs and 94 UDMCs and developing 15,630 Village Flood Volunteers. Other components are establishment of Institutional Linkage, Community Mobilization, Strengthening Flood Warning at Local Level and Family and Community level Preparedness through Massive Public Awareness.