Workshop for core trainers held

Nov 2, 2013

With the support of the SEMB project, the ECB has been able to produce for the first time, training guidelines, training aids and manuals. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.

The Election Commission Bangladesh (ECB) will be required to train over 600,000 election workers for the upcoming 10th parliamentary elections. In preparation for this huge task, the Electoral Training Institute (ETI) of the ECB organized a workshop for Core Trainers on the 1-2 November 2013. This is the first in a series of cascade trainings expected in the coming months ahead of the next parliamentary polls.

A total of thirty senior officials from the Election Commission, including the 25 selected core trainers, participated in this workshop, which sought to (i) sensitize core trainers on more modern training methodologies to be utilized for the operational trainings; (ii) to introduce and sensitize trainers with the new training guidelines and aids and; (iii) to familiarize the trainers with essential procedures required for the credible conduct of elections which are included as contents of trainings.

With the support of the SEMB project, the ECB has been able to produce for the first time, training guidelines, training aids and manuals, contributing to enhancing the uniformity, modernization and professionalism of electoral training. The recently held Core Trainers workshop focused primarily on the newly developed Trainer Guides for Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Officers. These Guides will serve as the primary resource document for all trainers conducting training for these categories of election workers. The guides include information on the new interactive training methodology, based on adult learning principles, and the expected content of all the training sessions.

Commenting on the workshop, the Secretary of the Election Commission, Dr. Muhammed Sadique, stated that the Commission is committed to implementing quality election trainings and the new training methodology and the preparation of systematic training materials and aids are useful for enhancing the way in which the Commission carries out its training. He further stated that excellent feedback was received during the Core Trainers’ workshop, which will be used to further enhance the training guidelines and manuals. The Secretary together with the Additional Secretary, Md. Sirajul Islam, the Joint Secretary, Ms. Jesmin Tuli and the Director Generel, ETI, Khondker Mizanur Rahman, acted as facilitators for this workshop. These are the three most senior members of the Election Commission Secretariat.

In the cascade methodology for the operational trainings for the parliamentary election, senior election officials will first train the core trainers, who will in turn, carry out 76 Training of Trainers (ToTs) workshops for a pool of 2665 trainers. These 2665 trainers will then implement the operational trainings throughout the country ahead of the elections.  Trainers will be drawn primarily from the cadre of senior Election Commission staff in the regions and local levels as well as officials who have previously served as Returning Officers, Assistant Returning Officers or Presiding Officers. 

Furthermore, with SEMB assistance, ETI developed an Operational Training Plan to guide the strategy for all election training for parliamentary elections. At the first-time a comprehensive training needs assessment methodology was developed,  together with a training database to record all trainings and the respective participants. These initiatives have served to bolster ETI’s capacity to track, plan and more professionally implement trainings.