UNRC shares disaster management ideas

Dec 31, 2013

The participants depicted that Bangladesh has legitimate pride of achievement in reducing casualties in disasters. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries of the world due to a combination of several factors such as the Himalayans and Climate Change induced unpredictable river flows from the northern side, rising Bay of Bengal and salinity intrusion from the southern side, extremely dense population, and 50 million people living in poverty and another 20-30 million people are just above the poverty,” said Mr. Neal Walker, the UN Resident Coordinator during his visit to CDMP on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. He was accompanied by Mr. Nick Beresford, CD a.i., UNDP; Mr. Tarik-ul-Islam, ACD, UNDP and Mr. Mohammad Sifayet Ullah, Programme Analyst, UNDP.

Mr. Neal Walker also said that Bangladesh has legitimate pride of achievement in reducing casualties in disasters since its independence and cyclone Bhola hit in 1970. It comes through CDMP and many other projects piloted over time. He appreciated CDMP for its practical on the ground activities and strategic interventions for long term impacts.

He shared some of the profound challenges he believes can potentially be game changers once addressed effectively such as coordination at all level, stakeholders, agencies, private sectors etc.  Mr. Walker also talked about strengthening volunteer networks for resilience and also spoke of the progress made in saving lives while saving livelihoods was still a concern. He also addressed the issues of women as they are the most affected and have special needs. He advised all to consider these challenges to make a difference in Comprehensive Disaster Management in Bangladesh.

Mr. Nick Beresford in his brief address stressed on the urban risk reduction and importance of the local level understanding to plan effectively.

Mr. Mohammad Abdul Qayyum, NPD, CDMP; Mr. Man B. Thapa, Project Manager a.i. CDMP and other CDMP Officials were present at the occasion.  

Later Mr. Neal Walker and Mr. Nick Beresford visited LDRRF Secretariat and Disaster Management Information Center (DMIC), at the 3rd floor of the Department of Disaster Management Bhaban.