South-South Cooperation: Making the Brick Industry More Environmentally Sustainable

Oct 23, 2016

UNDP Deputy Country Director Nick Beresford gives insight into the importance of the brick industry and Bangladesh, and how it can be made more sustainable. Photo: UNDP Bangladesh.

UNDP and the House Building Research Institute (HBRI) held a joint policy dialogue about the transformation needed in the traditional brick sector, highlighting its significant contribution to air pollution, top soil loss (2840 million CFT/y) and CO2 emissions (11.59 million tons/y). Two Directors from China Ministry of Agriculture and Academy of Building Research shared the Chinese experience in making the brick industry more sustainable. 

The participants spoke of a new vision: "Beyond Brick". The future in Bangladesh will focus on new, eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient production, and materials that are light and resistant to earthquakes.

The erosion of top soil was universally decried as a threat to food security. Creative new solutions, including partnerships with the private sector and new market mechanisms, can help to shape a new direction for the industry.

UNDP has been working with Brick Sector since 2004 to promote “Green” Bricks. To enhance this further, it will continue to promote south-south cooperation between government of Bangladesh and China.

To learn more about the UNDP’s previous efforts in this area, click here.

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