PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: Environmental and Social Management Plan for the Proposed Green Climate Fund Project

Nov 12, 2016

This Environmental and Social Management Plan has been prepared in support of a project proposal on “Enhancing Women and Girls Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Bangladesh” by the Government of Bangladesh to the Green Climate Fund.

The project objective is to enhance the adaptive capacity of women and adolescent girls (and by extension, their families), who are in extreme poverty, in six districts that are constantly exposed to cyclones, tidal flooding and salinity. The GCF resources will be used to enable the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA) to implement investment activities in the context of a national initiative that will empower targeted vulnerable women and girls to rise above their current economic and social abilities with the aim of reducing vulnerability to climate change for themselves and the communities that they belong to. 

The primary measurable benefits that will be realized as a result of the GCF investment includes:

  • Expansion of safe drinking water supply for 1,250,000 people where the current access to clean safe drinking water is as low as 5% of the population;
  • Provide assistance to 40,000 women and 17,000 adolescent girls in six districts to pursue climate resilient livelihoods;
  • Strengthen community participation in the provision of early warning services directly to benefit 1.27 million women and girls, and indirectly to 2.0 million people;
  • Strengthened capacity of MoWCA to iteratively address the needs of women and girls as forecasted climate change impacts worsen.
  • Empower women and girls in fragile coastal regions to address climate shocks through training and skill building in climate resilient livelihood options that will compliment ongoing efforts to help them rise above current poverty levels.

 As UNDP is the GCF Accredited Entity, the project has been screened against UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standards Procedure and deemed a Category B project. In line with Bangladesh law, and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment is not considered necessary for this project.

Bangla versions of the Social and Environmental Plan and related documents are available in the site as part of public disclosure policy.


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