Swedish envoys visit women led climate change adaptation initiative at Deluti Union, Khulna

Jun 1, 2018

Sweden Ambassador Ms Charlotta Schlyter and Counsellor, Head of Development Cooperation, Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, Ms Anne-Charlotte Malm visited Deluti Union Parishad of Paikgacha Upazila in Khulna District on 01 June 2018 to see the initiative of Gender Responsive Climate Change Adaptation.

The visiting team also included Mr. Göran Schill, Controller, Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, Mr. Reazul Islam, Controller, Swedish Embassy in Dhaka and representatives from UNDP.

Bangladesh is considered as one of the most climate vulnerable countries and women in hard to reach areas, like Deluti union are among the most vulnerable and are at greatest risk of climate related hazards. UNDP in collaboration with the Finance Division has been working to address this challenge through the increasing flow to climate finance. The Inclusive Budgeting and Financing for Climate Resilience (IBFCR) funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – (SIDA) and UNDP is working to consider women in national strategy for climate change and implement the local climate action plan to demonstrate gender-responsive climate actions at local level.

The team visited the project and met a group of vulnerable women and learned about how the women are becoming the change makers and fighting climate change with support from UNDP and SIDA. Under the project women are trained on alternative livelihoods like crab fattening, alternative agri-system like hydroponics etc. They are also provided with a “Women Centre” under this project, for training and other purposes.

Charlotta Schlyter during her visit has applauded the initiative of the women with support from the Union Parishad and UNDP, SIDA for their measures to tackle climate change. She said, “Women take care of their families in this male-dominated society and usually don’t appear in public. But Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries and hard hit by global warming, needs the support of women to fight and adapt to climate change. Being a feminist government, Sweden will continue its support for the vulnerable women in Bangladesh.”

The team also visited Bainpara of Sutarkhali in Dakop upazila to see the Disaster Resilience Habitat made by the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) of UNDP after cyclone Sidr.

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