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Bangladesh lends land to islanders as water devours homes

As coastal property crumbles into encroaching seas, villagers receive plots with fish ponds on a free lease to help them stay afloat  

Recycling and alternative of plastic products stressed to beat plastic pollution

Bangladesh was ranked among top 10 plastic polluted countries due to poor waste management. Plastic comprises 8 percent of the country's waste generated every year, weighing some 800,000 tonnes.  

Efficient and Accountable Local Governance (EALG)

The project will focus on strengthening decentralization in the country, and builds on the work of Upazila Governance Project/ Union parishad Governance Programme  

Inclusive Budgeting and Financing for Climate Resilience (IBFCR)

The overarching philosophy of the project is to strengthen, build and promote the use of country systems to identify sources of climate finance (domestic and international) and manage climate response…  

Activating Village Court Phase II

The Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh Project (AVCB) Phase II seeks to support Village Courts in Bangladesh as an effective tocal dispute resolution mechanism  

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