National Social Security Strategy

The Government of Bangladesh is strongly committed to reducing poverty, improving human development and reducing inequality. This commitment is reflected in Vision 2021, the Perspective Plan of…  

Handbook on Gender and Diversity

Gender Equality is an integral part of and a critical pre-requisite of the Sustainable Development Goals, Globally UNDP is committed to establishing gender equality, advocate for gender mainstreaming…  

Cleaner brickmaking lays foundation for green economy

Fourteen years ago Razia Bewa`s husband passed away, as a 30-year old widow with 4 daughters, she was not prepared for what life had in store for her. Her husband was a landless farmer who worked as a…  

Bangladesh climate refugees offset global carbon emissions

Five years ago, on the night of November 15, a cyclone ripped through Bangladesh’s coast killing more than 3,000 people and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.  

Promoting Peaceful, Inclusive and Sustainable Responses to the Rohingya Crisis

Bangladeshi religious leaders and actors, government policymakers, academics, civil society and United Nations representatives discussed ways to promote dialogue and social cohesion in Cox’s Bazar…  


Climate Financing for Sustainable Development: Budget Report 2018-19 is the second annual climate budget report of Bangladesh. It aims to give a snapshot of the climate change relevant allocations of…  

New Urban Agenda

There are many ways to define sustainable development. Indeed, for better and worse that number has only risen as the term itself has moved to the centre of the international development discussion.  

Digital Financial Inclusion through Customer Oriented Financial Products

Just a few years back it would have been unimaginable in the remote rural villages of Satkhira for Anzuara, a smallholder farmer, to have a bank account. Now Anzuara can check her bank balance on her…  

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