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UNDP plays a critical role in the United Nations’ global development network. As part of the UN family, UNDP Bangladesh partners and collaborates closely with its sister organizations to deliver consistent and quality results. In ensuring UN system wide response for completing national efforts, UNDP coordinates with other UN agencies both in implementing development objectives, but also in responding to crises or unexpected events.

UNDP also works with other UN agencies to express a common vision for achieving Bangladesh’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes assistance in undertaking SDG needs assessment and costing, and aligning SDGs to national development priorities. One prominent example of inter-agency cooperation, involves implementing projects across the sensitive Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region.

UNDP support to the Resident Coordinator includes:

  • Quality premises for RC Office staff;
  • Full administrative support, including procurement, finance (ATLAS), travel, and mission support;
  • UNDP core budget allocation for one RC Office staff member.
  • Sharing of staff services, including that of UNDP Communications Officers;
  • IT and computer support;
  • Security assistance;
  • RC Office participate in UNDP training programmes, seminars, and policy dialogues.

All UN agencies observe the same holidays, and operate the same office hours.


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