Saving futures: Dialing 333 for life

The national helpline, which was initiated by UNDP’s Access to Information (a2i) Programme with support from the Cabinet Division, ICT Division and USAID, has until now helped to stop over 3,000 child…  

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) creating new business opportunities for RMG

knowledge about sustainable supply chains. Research comissioned by HSBC and UNDP, and conducted by PwC  

Creating a culture of innovation in Bangladesh

As the world progresses and we revel in the technology that makes our lives easier, there still remains many areas of improvement, especially in a developing country such as ours. Plastic pollution is…  

Sustainable Development Goals Bangladesh Makes Impressive Progress in Partnership with UNDP

UNDP has been closely engaged with the Planning Commission of Bangladesh to strengthen alignment with the 7th Five Year National Development Plan. 14 goals (82%) are thematically fully aligned, while…  

Small business grants change life of women in city slums

contribute to balanced and sustainable growth by reducing urban poverty in Bangladesh and the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 that call for ‘leaving no one behind’.  

Livelihood approach to tackle climate migration

The ICBAAR project till now has succeeded in changing lives for over 10,000 households of coastal areas, and is expected to benefit over 60,000 people who are at risk due to climate change  

Village courts delivering speedy justice

The project aims to ensure justice to poor and underprivileged communities, especially women, disabled people and oppressed communities, through making village courts more functional.  

Paving the way for human development through effective documentation

The report will contain information on present scenario, possible challenges, and future opportunities for human development in Bangladesh.  

Village courts to increase access to justice in CHT

Without development there is no peace and without peace there is no justice. Access to justice for all therefore is a must to ensure human rights and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030  

Greater public-pvt partnership can help achieve SDGs

Traditional state-led development approaches are no longer effective and require new partnerships, he said, adding that without innovative method, the desired development is neither possible nor…  

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