Road fatalities are not `inevitable’, they can be prevented too!

Someone in the world dies from a road accident every 24 seconds, World Health Organization (WHO) found. Road crashes take 1.35 million lives on average every year, injuring 50 million more.  

Bangladesh needs to build back better for everyone

Bangladesh has successfully shifted its efforts to proactive risk reduction. The previous method of reactive relief efforts did little to minimise the loss of lives and livelihoods  

World Habitat Day 2020: Revitalising Housing for All Agenda in the Era of COVID-19

The inevitable urban reality which we have already embarked on has brought about a wave of change, exposing the tattered state of the poor and causing the emergence of a ‘new poor’ in the cities  

Why a national urban policy should be our top priority

Economic progress is helping Bangladesh to graduate out of the Least Developed Country (LDC) category, urban poverty and development requires significant attention  

Sharing South-South Experience on Restoration and Management of Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangroves are lifeline of the coast. Mangrove forests can store more carbon than most other types of habitats on the planet. The monetary value of goods and services received from mangroves is not…  

What Works for the Urban Poor?

The Urban Partnerships for Poverty Reduction (UPPR), one of the largest urban development programmes in the world, helped nearly three million people improve their livelihoods and living conditions in…  

Disaster preparedness at Rohingya camps: Still a long way to go

Between May and August, almost 50,000 people living in the camps have been affected by the impact of high winds, flash flooding, erosion and landslides.  

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