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From preventing violent extremism to building digital citizenship

Digital transformation is accelerating the inclusion of youth. There is growing support for mobilizing younger generations and leveraging new technologies to drive political, social and economic…  

Khirabala gets long-cherished justice from village court

The main objective of the project is to improve the access to justice for disadvantaged and marginalised groups in Bangladesh.  

A Mangrove in Bangladesh Offers Villagers Natural Disaster Protection

If there had been this mangrove during the cyclone of 1970, we would not have lost relatives, we would not have lost resources.  

Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic

In Bangladesh alone, nearly 38 million students are missing out on proper learning and peer interactions since the closure of educational institutions in March 2020. As of June 2021, Unesco estimates…  

NRP Published Study Report on Community Resilience in Six Hotspots

Community Resilience is Six Hotspots”, the study report prepared by National Resilience Program (NRP) reflects the community voices for disaster risk reduction. This is a good practice to learn from…  

Every Drop Counts: Increasing Water Security in Coastal Areas of Bangladesh

LoGIC played a catalytic role for this community to build resilience against climate change by working with the community and the UPs to bring out sustainable solutions to climate induced salinity…  

Resilient Sailing: Making Fishermen Disaster Smart

LoGIC has played a significant role for this fishing community in saving lives and building climate change resilience by working with the community and local government institutions.  

Empowering community volunteers for urban resilience

National Resilience Programme is working to substantially improve resilience, reduce risk of disaster, minimise loss of lives and livelihoods and invest in public and private sectors to build…  

Millions of Bangladesh’s urban poor took the biggest hit during the COVID pandemic

At least one member in over half of the beneficiary households became unemployed. Over 80 percent of households had to dip into savings, close to 70 percent could not pay their rent on time, around 11…  

COVID-19 pandemic brings woes to marginal people in Netrakona

The day-labourers could not go to their works, while farmers did not get agriculture labourers, resulting in low crop production this year, he said, adding that it is hard for them to cope with the…  

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