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Govt project makes 2-lakh households resilient to climate change

LoGIC project is linking the concerned department of the government with the marginal people aiming to make them climate-resilient  

Sustainable Development Goals Bangladesh Makes Impressive Progress in Partnership with UNDP

UNDP has been closely engaged with the Planning Commission of Bangladesh to strengthen alignment with the 7th Five Year National Development Plan. 14 goals (82%) are thematically fully aligned, while…  

CONE 2019: NRBs to build the Bangladesh of Vision 2041

CONE 2019 provides a unique opportunity for Bangladesh’s future  

Bangladesh embarks on climate public finance tracking

Home to 160 million people, the country lies in Asia's largest delta and is considered one of the most climate-vulnerable in the world  

Bangladesh lends land to islanders as water devours homes

As coastal property crumbles into encroaching seas, villagers receive plots with fish ponds on a free lease to help them stay afloat  

Community people to become Sundarbans dolphin saviours

According to an unofficial survey, at least 130 dolphins were killed in the riverine, coastal and marine waters of Bangladesh from January 2007 to April 2016  

How climate change is impacting plain land ethnic minorities

Changing agricultural practices due to climate change is wrecking havoc on the traditional way of life of plain-land ethnic communities  

Introduction of 'solar boat' on the cards

Traditional diesel-powered boats are fuel-inefficient and depend on imported fuel resulting in high operation and maintenance cost  

Youth on final mission of producing fuel from plastic

Environmental researchers estimate that 9 million plastic items are being dumped daily across the country with only about 10 percent being dumped into rubbish bins  

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