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Empowering community volunteers for urban resilience

National Resilience Programme is working to substantially improve resilience, reduce risk of disaster, minimise loss of lives and livelihoods and invest in public and private sectors to build…  

Millions of Bangladesh’s urban poor took the biggest hit during the COVID pandemic

At least one member in over half of the beneficiary households became unemployed. Over 80 percent of households had to dip into savings, close to 70 percent could not pay their rent on time, around 11…  

COVID-19 pandemic brings woes to marginal people in Netrakona

The day-labourers could not go to their works, while farmers did not get agriculture labourers, resulting in low crop production this year, he said, adding that it is hard for them to cope with the…  

Start-ups that are transforming the future of education

Two start-ups, Study Buddy and Mymensingh Welfare School, work to provide education to those who need it the most, and in a very special way.  

Rainwater to the rescue in saline coastal areas

The scarcity of drinking water can be severely detrimental to people’s health, and meeting the need for fresh water with saline water would cause further problems.  

Montreal to Kigali: A journey towards saving the planet

Bangladesh ratified the Montreal Protocol in 1987 and since then took lots of credible actions and achieved remarkable progress for successfully phase out of ODS  

UNDP and ICE Centre to boost up CMSMEs

“REVIVE”, a project that will respond to the Covid-19 affected Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs) sectors of Bangladesh.  

Hydroponics grass could be the answer to Kurigram’s fodder crisis

Using hydroponics method to grow grass for the last month. Many farmers are also crowding around to see this way of growing grass without soil or land.  

Covid-19: A Step Back for Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh?

While covid-19 is undoubtedly at its heart a health crisis, Women are also in inferior positions in the labour market on average, and therefore more likely to bear the brunt of the economic fallout.  

See beyond GDP and towards sustainability for post-COVID recovery

The conference brought together thought leaders, policymakers, and high officials from across the globe in eight panels to discuss the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic on multiple areas…  

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