The CHT has been severely hit by four consecutive disasters in the span of two weeks in June

Jun 30, 2017

The CHT has been severely hit by four consecutive disasters in the span of two weeks in June:

a) Cyclone Mora: 30 May 2017

2) Langadu Communal Attack: 02 June 2017

3) Landslides in Rangamati and other districts: 13 June 2017

4) Flash flood  after the land slides in CHT

Cyclone Mora: 30 May 2017

On 30 May 2017 morning Cyclone Mora made landfall in Bangladesh on which have damaged  several houses and packed  winds of up to 117 kilometres per hour. The Mora hitBandarban and Rangamati Hill Districts. It destroyed 3000+ homes in Bandarban Hill District. It caused extensive damage to the fruit orchards in both the districts.

In Rangamati, torrential rain that came with Mora have flooded 300 sqkms of Kaptai Lake fringe land and submerged and destroyed the only crop people cultivate in a year on such land. Two people were killed in Rangamti hill district as cyclonic Mora hit the district with strong winds and rain with thundershowers. Many trees have been uprooted in Rangamati hill district.

UNDP’B response on Mora:UNDP’B has plan to provide cash grant support to the severely affected families in Bandarban. The main reason to provide support in Bandarban is that this district was most hard hit by Mora and there are more than 3000 homes destroyed. UNDP is now seeking new resources for Rangamati the Mora victims.

Langadu Communal Attack: 02 June 2017:


On 02 June 2017 a large number of tribal inhabitants of Langaduupazila of Rangamati hill district were severely affected with arson attack by Bengali settlers over the conflict on murder of local Bengali hired motorcycle driver. Local sources report that 1 elderly woman (70 years)was burnt alive in Tintila. A total of 269 houses,19 shops (Tintilla 9; Manikjorchora 6; Baittyapara 4), 1 political party (JSS) office, 1 UNDP-built Multi-Purpose Community Centre (MPCC) in Tintilla, 1 UNICEF-built Para Centre burnt in Manikjorchora, 1 Farmer Field School (Danida funded, UNDP implemented)inBaittyapara were burnt.

In addition, numerous other houses of tribal people were looted and damaged in these affected areas. It is noteworthy that this is the second time Langadu is under communal attack. On 04 May 1989, Bengali settlers had burnt 15 villages in Langadu and killed at least 32 indigenous peoples.


UNDP’B emergency response:UNDP Bangladesh has plan for cash grant support on Emergency shelter, Non-Food-Items, and Emergency food items for the affected households.

Land Slides:On 13 June 2017, heavy and torrential monsoon rain in the Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts regionstriggereddeadly landslides especially in Rangamati and Bandarban hill districts. The landslide event affected 79,234 persons, among of them 33,907 persons are severely affected and 46% of the most affected persons are from Rangamati town.

In Rangamati Hill district 118 (including two persons who are missing) people have died as of 21 June (according to government report).As per the data of district administration about 1500 houses in Rangamati hill district are completely destroyed and 2000 houses are partially damaged due to landslide. People are evacuated from the risky areas and they took shelter either in relative’s houses or in 19 temporary shelter homes managed by local administration in the town. About 3500 people are reported to have takenrefuge in these shelter homes. Road communication of Rangamati district was completely disconnected with other hill districts and Chittagong right after the landslides. Temporary road communication is reestablished between Rangamati and Chittagong on 21 June but most of the other connecting roads of Rangamati with Kaptai, Khagrachari and Bandarban are still cut off with piles of landmass and debris.

UNDP’B is planning to response to Landslide victims and issue:

Short –Medium Term:

1. Off-Firm Livelihood recovery grant and inputs for extremely vulnerable women headed households

2. CFW for Repairing/rehabilitating community infrastructure

3. Creation of Income Generating Activities

Long Term Recovery

1. Public awareness creation on anti hill cutting regulation

2. Generate Early warning system on Flash flood and Landslide events

3. Advocacy with Govt for proper land use planning in CHT


Flash Flood: Right after the deadly landslide and torrential excessive rainfall all the upazilas surrounding theKaptai lake of Rangamati have been inundated with flash floods again. The fringe-land-cultivators on the banks of Kaptai Lake area, who can cultivate only one crop in a year, lost all their crops due to flash floods and sudden rise of Kaptai Lake water level. Report of flash flood damages are just pouring in. BelaichariUpazila is one of the worst hit by flash flood.

The Bandarban Hill District also suffered severe damages to crops and property because of flash flood. Government upazila administrations have prepared reports of loss of crops and assets meaning the widespread damage of food stock will contribute to severe to moderate chronic food insecurity situation in these upazilas. This will significantly impact on the livelihood and health condition of these communities.

Response: UNDP’B has plan to provide emergency Recovery support to the flash flood victims who lost their yearly crop.

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