Ranukhi, a woman with disability suffered during the flood, smiling in the end



Ranukhi 28, has a walking disability. She lives with her aging parents in Nilphamari district in Northern Bangladesh, which is prone to floods. Her father is a part-time fisherman, and only earning member for the family. During the floods in 2017, their house was inundated and Ranukhi’s father could not leave them for fishing because of her disability.


On the first day of flood it was raining, so I couldn’t even go out. There was nothing to eat in the house. My father and mother took an umbrella and waded their way to the surrounding neighborhood looking for food. They found some rice and brought that back home. This is all we ate later.”  When the water level rose further Ranukhi and her family had to evacuate to a nearby shelter. The journey was very difficult for her because she couldn’t walk or arrange for any vehicle to go on. Her mother  carried her all the way to the shelter on her back.  Ranukhi’s family lives  in a hard to reach area. This, coupled with her disability, has meant that they have always been overlooked and felt deprived.




During and after the flood we haven’t received any support from anyone, we were going through a hard time, where we couldn’t event eat three times a day. Our house was washed away by the floods.” Ranukhi said.  

In January 2018, Ranukhi received help from the post flood recovery effort, an initiative of UNDP Bangladesh with support from the government of China.

On the day of distribution, among many other flood victims, Ranukhi received a trunk full of household materials like two saucepans, two blankets, one school bag, one handsaw, one mosquito net, one bedsheet and two bundles of CG I sheets to repair the house. There was also a van to carry all the materials.


“I am feeling very happy today. We will go home and start using all the items we received. We will repair our house with these CGI sheets. The blankets will certainly give us warm this winter. I thank UNDP and the government of China for their support and invite you all to my house” 


Case Story and Photo by: H J Uzair Khan Panni

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