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As days go by, we are getting closer to environmental instability and rising temperatures causing climate change. In this fight against climate change, we need people of all ages, especially the youth, to safeguard and look after the environment we live in. What better way to introduce, enrich knowledge of, and commit to this important issue in today's technologically advanced age than by playing a simple game?

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The Daily Star have jointly launched an initiative, called "Battle for Green", where people of all ages can take up some small challenges, earn some incentives while going through them, and pledge to the cause of protecting and safeguarding the environment.

 Start your journey through being a "Seed" and heading into the first challenge, "Pledge of Heart". Here, you are required to fill in a pledge box, where you will take a pledge that you will protect and safeguard the environment from your point of view and space. This round is meant to drive up the responsibility in each person to give back something to the planet on their terms. After completing this step, the participants' seeds will turn into "Sprouts".

Next, the participants will have to prove their knowledge of the environment by competing in a quiz, called "Knowledge Meter", which consists of several environmental questions. This segment is meant to enhance the participants' knowledge about different elements of the environment and build a deeper understanding of their surroundings. Whether the participants answer the questions correctly or not, they will get valuable information about the environment. After completing this step, the participants' sprouts will transform into "Saplings."

Their next task will be to become a "Cleaning Master", where they will be required to upload two pictures. One will be about an item that is dirty, and the next one will be a picture involving the participant cleaning that item. With this task, we aim to encourage participants to keep their surroundings clean and sanitised, and to take care of the environment. After completing this step, the participants' sapling will transform into "Seedlings".

In the next part of the challenges, they will be required to perform small task with a time limit. This task will focus on environmental awareness and conservation. In this round, participants will be asked to turn off their room lights for two minutes to conserve energy and raise awareness regarding overused energy, which negatively impacts the environment. After completing this step, the participants' seedlings will transform into "Small Trees".

Last but not the least, the final task is for the participants will be to plant trees in their vicinity and upload pictures of each of their newly planted trees. This will encourage the participants to take a step to combat climate change and make our environment greener.

After completing this step, the participants' small trees will transform into "Big Trees".

After completing all the tasks, the participants of the games will be awarded digital certificates by The Daily Star and UNDP. You can also share the game, your tasks, and progress on social media and invite your friends to join as well, for which you will be rewarded with some extra points.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and start taking on the challenges to "Reimagine, Recreate, Restore".

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