How Kalmakanda of Netrokona is becoming child marriage free

To end child marriage and prevent violence against women in the area, an organization called 'Nari Unnayan Forum' has been formed with all the women public representatives of the area  

Solar Power, a light of hope for the indigenous people of Jurachari

Nonetheless, Solar pumps are installed in the area connected to the solar power. Irrigation work is now going on in the pump water. Solar power has changed the total image of Jurachari cultivation.  

NRP volunteers help save lives and livelihoods from fire

The volunteers are the helping force of Fire Service in responding fire and other natural hazards induced disasters like earthquake, landslides. They are closely working with the municipality to…  

Local community participation in Climate Change mitigation paramount: Environment Minister

Adopting a green, clean production agenda will be imperative if Bangladesh wants to meet export-led growth ambition in the post-LDC graduation period  

UNDP and BGMEA Launch a RMG Sector Sustainability Report: A PATHWAY TO MANAGE PRIVATE SECTOR IMPACT on Bangladesh National Priority Indicators (NPIs) & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

While Bangladesh Financing Strategy expects a 42% contribution from the private sector to achieve SDG financing and the 8th Five-Year-Plan envisions 75% of the achievements to be supported by private…  

Highlighting untold stories of left-behind communities through mobile photography

twenty-five young men and women from left-behind communities joined a training on mobile photography organised by the United Nation Development Programme’s Human Rights Programme.  

A warrior in the fight against the pandemic

Initially, people in my community did not approve of me going outside my house during the pandemic and tried to stop me multiple times  

FIGHTING THE PANDEMIC FIGHTING THE PANDEMIC, UNDP's response and the unseen faces behind the lines

UNDP has been working in fighting the pandemic with a focus on three immediate priorities: health systems support, multi-sectoral crisis management, and socio-economic impact assessment and response.  

SWAPNO: Empowering and employing rural women in RMG sector

mini-garments factory is the partner organisation of an effort to develop and expand the local apparel market that will benefit the extreme poor and vulnerable rural women in Bangladesh  

Making handwashing inclusive for all in Cox’s Bazar during pandemic

This disability-inclusive handwashing station was designed by UNDP in collaboration with the Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG).  

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