Saving futures: Dialing 333 for life

The national helpline, which was initiated by UNDP’s Access to Information (a2i) Programme with support from the Cabinet Division, ICT Division and USAID, has until now helped to stop over 3,000 child…  

Creating a culture of innovation in Bangladesh

As the world progresses and we revel in the technology that makes our lives easier, there still remains many areas of improvement, especially in a developing country such as ours. Plastic pollution is…  

Small business grants change life of women in city slums

contribute to balanced and sustainable growth by reducing urban poverty in Bangladesh and the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 that call for ‘leaving no one behind’.  

Livelihood approach to tackle climate migration

The ICBAAR project till now has succeeded in changing lives for over 10,000 households of coastal areas, and is expected to benefit over 60,000 people who are at risk due to climate change  

Village courts delivering speedy justice

The project aims to ensure justice to poor and underprivileged communities, especially women, disabled people and oppressed communities, through making village courts more functional.  

Education grants help cut school dropout among slum children

Once school dropout rate was very high in Korail slum, but now the scenario has changed as every parent have been sending their children to schools  

Government and UNDP delegates from Philippines visit Narayanganj City Corporation

The project is helping the poor people particularly women to get out of poverty and it is also helping me connect closely to the people of my city corporation  

Jahanara: a change-maker in urban slum

She had to pass nearly a decade in the city slum with extreme poverty and finally found a ray of hope to survive when the lady got involved in an urban poverty reduction project in 2008  

Women engrossing in building greenbelt to offset furies of sea

Josnara Begum, a resident of Aladia village of Hatiya, is part of UNDP's ICBAAR project which plants new mangrove trees in the coastlines to mitigate adverse effects of climate change.  

Girls pedalling for education

Sometimes my mother rides as pillion. I feel happy to be able to help her, and I am proud that I get to commute on my own bicycle in the village  

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