The forever-resilient Fajila Begum of SWAPNO Project

Promotes employment, and most importantly future employability, of extreme-poor rural women.  

K4DM Provides Protective Gear to ERD

The project has installed 200 hand sanitiser dispensers in all buildings within the compound and arranged 5 litres of sanitiser for each dispenser, along with 500 awareness-raising posters showing the…  

Zhinu Bala, a frontliner fighting COVID-19 in Teknaf

I know, waste collection during highly infectious pandemic is very risky, but I took that risk to stop the spread of this deadly virus in my municipality and community.  

EALG project of UNDP joins the fight against Covid-19

This is an opportunity as much as this is a crisis. This is an opportunity for transformative thinking for development, embracing the “new normal”.  

“Ekannoborti Bangladesh” a call for unity amid COVID19

The core objective of this was to share the spirit of Eid and spread the message of solidarity by bringing all the people together during this pandemic through entertainment and raising funds for the…  

Education is never locked down during the Covid-19 pandemic

Initiatives to ensure remote education for the students. Separate initiatives have been taken for four educational streams: Primary Education, Secondary and Higher Education, Madrasah and Technical…  

Alliance for Rural Electrification awards solar mini-grid projects in Bangladesh

As the COVID-19 crisis and Cyclone Amphan continue to lay bare the pressures that many people face across Bangladesh, this award is a timely recognition that clean energy projects can help these…  

Peace Talk Cafe features the women stepping up in the face of a crisis

Peace Talk Café was attended by Bangladeshi youth from all over the world who shared their remarks and shed light on initiatives they are driving to tackle the crisis  

COVID-19: UNDP in Cox’s Bazar provides emergency support to the vulnerable

Emergency support in Teknaf and Ukhiya Upazilas. 2568 families from 5 unions in 42 wards are being targeted with cash grants and hygiene kits to meet immediate needs for subsistence and to keep them…  

Sujela’s family not starving as Village Court stand by her with Covid-19’s relief

The Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh Phase II Project (AVCB II), provides much needed access to justice for marginalized rural people. During the COVID-19 pandemic  

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