Stories of overcoming great odds, religious boundaries and helping those in need

These are stories of overcoming great odds and crossing religious boundaries in a nation divided along communal lines, helping families a scope to give their loved ones a last respectable farewell.  

Youth struggle against climate change in Bangladesh

They are fighting against all odds. These young people are living with the effects of climate change. While other young people are thinking about their careers and life ahead, these young people…  

Education bars child marriage for climate migrants in urban slums

I had dreams of being a computer engineer someday. But I almost had to drop out of school because my family couldn't afford it  

Public hearings working magic for rural residents

The people make their complaints publicly, and the concerned officials get a chance to explain their position and try to fix the problem.  

Ma-Telehealth’ service emerges as blessing for pregnant women

Ma-Telehealth Center” is ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services for the pregnant and lactating mothers and children while the platform has already served the people for 370,000 times since June…  

Sunflowers making women’s lives brighter on the coasts

The additional stress from thunderstorms, flooding, and Covid-19 impacts are further intensifying the vulnerability of the residents in the southwest coastal areas  

“Kishore Batayan- Konnect” becomes students’ way-out during pandemic

Different campaigns, including creating mobile app for Kishore Batayan, are underway and “Our goal is to connect one crore students to Kishore Batayan by 2023.”  

Basak trees changing lives of left-behind enclave women

ACME, one of Bangladesh’s leading pharmaceuticals companies, is buying the leaves from the bask trees that now cover the side of the roads in abundance.  

People in remote areas enjoying benefit of digital mapping

The Digital Express provides home delivery facility up to village level using the Google Maps.  

Skills-training brings hope to youths in Rohingya and host communities

The project aims to increase the economic resilience of host and Rohingya communities and create cohesion and harmony among these communities. Empowerment and skills-building of the youth are major…  

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