“Kishore Batayan- Konnect” becomes students’ way-out during pandemic

Different campaigns, including creating mobile app for Kishore Batayan, are underway and “Our goal is to connect one crore students to Kishore Batayan by 2023.”  

Basak trees changing lives of left-behind enclave women

ACME, one of Bangladesh’s leading pharmaceuticals companies, is buying the leaves from the bask trees that now cover the side of the roads in abundance.  

People in remote areas enjoying benefit of digital mapping

The Digital Express provides home delivery facility up to village level using the Google Maps.  

Skills-training brings hope to youths in Rohingya and host communities

The project aims to increase the economic resilience of host and Rohingya communities and create cohesion and harmony among these communities. Empowerment and skills-building of the youth are major…  

CHT farmers reap profits as sweet as honey through beekeeping

This initiative by SID-CHT not only creates additional income opportunities for left-behind communities but also helps an important species thrive  

UNDP to ensure fair prices and ease of business for farmers in CHT in pandemic

At a time when farmers of my community were anxious about selling their goods during the pandemic, these collection points proved to be the most useful method for directly connecting farmers with the…  

Local Government Initiative on Climate Change project extended for two years

The recent addition of approximately 7 million EUROES goes in the right direction and brings innovation for climate finance in Bangladesh  

Solar-based irrigation for climate resilience agriculture

LoGIC puts grassroots development at the root of sustainable development, helping farmers build resilience with every grain. By 2023, LoGIC aims to support about 4,00,000 vulnerable households in 72…  

Wind of change: SWAPNO

The wind of change is blowing in hundreds of such families in Satkhira and Kurigram. Strengthening Women's Ability for Productive New Opportunities (SWAPNO), is being implemented with support of…  

Watermelon cultivation- livelihood solution for climate-vulnerable coastal women

LoGIC aims to instil the values of the SDGs among left-behind communities and help them rise out of climate vulnerability.  

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